Outdoor Playground Equipment

As adults, most of remember playing outdoors on several types of equipment such as a jungle gym, swing set, boxes of sand or trapeze rings. Such outside equipment was not only fun but it taught us a bit about life, sharing and being with our friends. Playgrounds, in most cases, also have facilities for playing informal games such as a baseball diamond and a basketball court. To be clear, park equipment also refers to equipment that is used in play areas of schools, parks and resorts. 

Why wooden outdoor play equipment?

When choosing outdoor park equipment for your children, you want it to be safe, durable and enjoyable. For many, a wooden recreation ground is a better choice because it provides the features you are looking for without costing an arm and a leg. Wood is a better choice for many because wood has a timeless, classic look; it has a look that most children will want to use longer than a playground made of plastic or metal. In addition, a wooden play area offers more protection from injuries that can occur on a playground. Keep in mind; plastic can tear and leave behind sharp edges. When children play on cedar that is treated and finished, there is no worry about cut or splinters. Also, wood can support more weight. This can allow children of all ages and sizes to play comfortably and safely.

Extra information about wooden outdoor play equipment

Other benefits of wooden outdoor park equipment

When considering outdoor recreation equipment, you want the equipment to be sturdy and last. Consistent heat and exposure to the sun can warp plastic; however, wood is much more resistant to the wear and tear of weather. Such equipment will provide many hours of outdoor fun for your children and their friends. Some may not know it; metal playground sets are usually treated with colored coatings. Certainly, they are colorful; however, wooden structures have a natural and more pleasing look. Such a rustic look is a more popular choice for residential playgrounds and parks. Also, wooden parks offer more flexibility; you are able to change your playground layouts and add new features, if you like.

To conclude, as adults, most remember playing outdoors on several types of equipment such as a jungle gym, swing set, boxes of sand or trapeze rings. Check out your nearest outdoor equipment store and choose the equipment that will best fit your children's needs and wants. For safety and fun, choose wood!